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Le Chocolat Café Restaurant

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Le Chocolat is a restaurant cafe that first opened its doors to the Bahraini public in 2004. With a vibrant atmosphere and classical music playing in the background, Le Chocolat is an ideal place for relaxation. Furthermore, Le Chocolat concerns itself with the preparation and delivery of its food in a great manner, ensuring that the customers' needs and demands are exceptionally met.

Today, it has become not just a local favorite, but also a popular dining destination by visitors from across the Gulf countries. Make sure to drop by and indulge in the finest gourmet food, drinks and desserts that any restaurant cafe has to offer.


When you enter the doors of any Le Chocolat branch, you feel as if you are transported to a Parisian café, with its elaborate decor and atmosphere. All branches bring about the spirit and soul of an authentic French pastry shop, with artisanal desserts on display.

From the renowned Montana cake to the legendary Red Velvet and noteworthy LC Special, Le Chocolat specializes in creating picture-perfect cakes with a unique twist, resulting in decadent masterpieces to taste. Creativity is at play when it comes to blending cake flavors, mousse, cremeux, luscious cream and hints of crunch. No ideas fall short when it comes to design cakes. From elegant, grandeur wedding cakes to themed birthday cakes for children, Le Chocolat is your ultimate stop for intricately designed cakes at your request.

Le Chocolat was conceptualized due to a growing need for an authentic French restaurant and pâtisserie in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Today, Le Chocolat has taken on the international cuisine approach, due to popular demand. In addition to the fine baguette and quiche concoctions, the menu now extends to Neapolitan wood-fired pizza, flavorsome pasta, tasteful sushi, delicious seafood, appetizing sandwiches, traditional Bahraini dishes and a mouth-watering array of other specialties.

Le Chocolat is known to bake with passion, cook with heart, and execute with care. Therefore, it is no wonder that its dedication to quality is unmatched. The finest ingredients are used in every dish, delicacy and drink, with a dedicated focus on both taste and presentation.

The founders believe that exceptional pastries should be paired up with exceptional coffee. Thus, they have had a personal say in how each coffee is brewed, ensuring all espresso, cortados, cappuccinos and lattes are perfectly proportioned and crafted.

In the mood for breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply a coffee break? Le Chocolat proudly caters to all options.

In a rush to an event? Have people coming over? With 7 branches strategically located around Bahrain, you can drive to your nearest Le Chocolat branch to pick up a cake...or three...for your guests and acquaintances to enjoy. Make sure to call ahead to ensure your favorite cakes are available. If not, rest assured that you cannot go wrong with any other option. A word of advice:

Do not forget to grab some Belgium chocolate as well to satisfy your midnight cravings.

The day-to-day operations do not just end there. Le Chocolat proudly caters to all events and occasions. Call ahead, enquire and coordinate for your upcoming events now by calling 36640022.

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